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READY provides financial support, board service and partnership services to StreetWise Partners, a workforce development and mentoring powerhouse serving adult job-seekers in New York City, Washington, DC, and Michigan. StreetWise Partners has a strategic commitment to reduce unemployment and underemployment among adults from underserved communities by delivering high impact and high quality career mentoring and employment services. Mentees are matched with volunteer mentors, empowered with skills and a professional network, and connected to potential employers.


StreetWise Partners provides mentors with high quality volunteer experiences, training, turnkey curriculum and leadership development opportunities. Celebrating 25 years in2022, the impact they are making on the lives of 600+ job seekers annually can best be told first-hand.  Whether you are an individual or a potential corporate partner, check out their site for inspirational success stories, and reach out anytime to connect for opportunities to engage. And for poker fans, the charity event to experience takes place every fall!


StreetWise Partners

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