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READY provides financial support, board service, partnership services to Gibney, a contemporary repertoire dance company, performing arts hub, and a social action incubator based in lower Manhattan. Tapping into the vast potential of movement, creativity, and performance to effect social change and personal transformation, Gibney’s vision brings together communities working at the intersection of arts and social justice to build momentum and catalyze action beyond the studio and stage.  


Members of Gibney Company are full-time Artistic Associates who contribute not only as impeccable professional performing artists, but also as activists and cultural entrepreneurs.   Gibney’s community programs employ artists in schools and shelters, using art to prevent and move beyond violence, addressing pressing issues, lifting voices and transforming lives, 365 days per year. Treat yourself to a live performance, take or teach a movement class, rent a cool meeting or party space, explore partnerships, or join us to witness hope and inspiration for our city’s youth first hand an in-school program.



Photo of Gibney Company Artistic Associates by Nir Arieli. Styling by Sueann Leung.

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